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Submersible pumps use safety requirements

Publish Time:2015-3-5

A submersible pump installed in rugged advised the basket and then into the water, the water will also be set up around the pump rugged protective fence. The pump should be upright in the water, the depth of not less than 0.5m, should not contain large amounts of sediment in water use.
2, when the submersible pump into the water or from the water, you should cut off the power, non-pull cable or outlet.
3, submersible pumps should be installed to protect access to zero and leakage protection devices within 30m around the water pump at work, not people, animals enter.
4, before start check that:
(1) pipe banding firm;
(2) deflated, turn on the water, grease and other plugs are tightened;
(3) Section impeller and water free of debris;
(4) good electrical insulation.
5, after power, should be commissioning, check that the correct direction of rotation, dry running time must not exceed specified in the instructions.
6, should always observe the water level changes, the impeller center to the horizontal distance should be between 0.5 ~ 3.0m, the pump must not fall into the sludge or out of the water. Cable must not be the wall, the wall with rub.
7, the start-up voltage shall comply with instructions for use, when the current exceeds the limits specified in the nameplate should stop to check, and not frequently switch machines.
8, submersible pump when not in use, not long-term immersion in water, should be placed in dry and ventilated room.
9, the motor stator winding insulation resistance of not less than 0.5 MΩ.